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Test bench for horizontal impact tests for testing the stability of seating furniture, stools, containers according to BS 4875-8, EN 13150
Test rig for horizontal impact test

Horizontal impact testing

Horizontal shock testing device (basketball test)

  • stability testing of seating furniture, tables, stools and drawer units according to BS 4875-8 and EN 13150
  • testing device is a horizontal shock testing device (basketball), which is blown up to a pressure of 73.5 +/- 5kPa and hangs on flexible wire ropes with a length of 850mm
  • total weight of the shock testing device: 50kg
  • stop with oscillation height of 40mm
  • manual height adjustment of the shock device allows for impact heights between 200mm and 1650mm
  • the device can be installed on a base plate of into a test field (oder numbers 40-900-077 or 40-920-177)

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