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"BIFMA X5.1" "BIFMA X6.1" "EN 581-2" "EN 1728" "furniture test rig" "drop test" "SPS-controlled"
Portal drop test rig

Portal drop test rig

Portal drop test rig for seating furniture, tables, upholstery, beds - Calmar one

  • testing of chairs, stools, tables, beds acc. to BIFMA X5.1, BIFMA X6.1, EN 581-2, EN747-2, EN 1728, EN 1730, ISO 7173, EN 12520, EN 14072
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • moveable testing portal for carrying a drop tester
  • manually by crank operated stroke systems to height adjustment of the cross traverse
  • 1 drop tester stroke controlled (max. 136 kg and 500 mm drop height)
  • large range of clamping elements and loading pads optionally

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