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Table test stand for table testing according to EN 527, EN 1729, EN 1730, DIN EN 14074
Table test stand

Table test stand

Test field for horizontal and vertical table testing, testing of cabinets - Calmar one

  • Testing of tables, horizontal and vertical load application; e.g. according to EN 527, EN 581-3, EN 1729, EN 1730, EN 12521, DIN EN 14074, DIN 68885; 3 cylinders
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • box frame 2400x2400
  • centralized pressurized air connection with air conditioning unit consisting of filtering systems, pressurized air distributor and switch-on-valv
  • equipped with 2 cylinders for horizontal load appication, load up to 1000N
  • equipped with 1 cylinder for vertical load application, test load up to 2500N
  • can be equipped with 4 cylinders in total
  • different loading pads

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