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"BIFMA X5.1" "EN 1728" "EN 1335" "arm rest test"
Alternating bending test rig for arm rests

Test rig for arm rests

Test rig for arm rest testing - Calmar one

  • test rig for alternating bending tests of arm rests according to EN 1335, EN 1728, EN 581-2, DIN 4551, BIFMA X5.1 and BSI/BS 5459
  • basic test frame with electromotive height adjustment of the traverse member
  • can be equipped with 2 strength-regulated or strength-regulated and road-regulated actuators (pneumatic test axes), 2 load cells

The system is based on a PLC with data export functionality to a personal computer. The PLC with analogue value processing is directly mounted to the test rig in a handy panel, tiltable in the up/down and left/right direction to fit the user point of view. The touch panel allows the parameterization of tests and depicts the real time status of the connected test axis. The parameterization can be done individually and saved as a template or based on an prevalent standard conform template. For example parameters such as the amount of cycles, time intervalls, maximum and minimum values can be set.

During the test run the user can view the test status. E.g. the cycle number, failure messages and a graphical vizualization of the test run can be observed. At test end the control saves automatically all for the documentation necessary parameter and allows the export of the data to a computer for test reporting.

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