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Test rig for car seat testing
Test rig for car seats

Test rig for car seats

With 1 electromechanical actuator 5 kN load-/position controlled

A whole range of mechanical tests are carried out on car seats. Hegewald & Peschke supplies a test rig with which the horizontal and vertical testing of car seats is possible.

Pressure test on car seats with flexibly adjustable test axis

Many test standards specify alternating loads in two directions for vehicle seats. The vehicle seat test stand consists of a force- and displacement-controlled electromechanical test axis with a test force of up to 5000 N and a maximum stroke of 200 mm. The axis can be manually rotated through 360° and swivelled through 90° under a crossbeam. The stable crossbeam can be moved by electric motor over the depth of the test stand and remains self-locking in the desired position. 

Comprehensive evaluation with the CalMaster component testing software

This creates 3 incremental displacement measurement systems for the X, Y and Z axes, which can be recorded and analysed using the CalMaster testing software. In addition to the displacement, the parameters force, speed, number of cycles and pause time can also be individually programmed via the software, so that a freely definable test sequence is possible.

The permanent data recording enables both an analysis of the damage pattern at the end of the test and the tracking of the damage development during the course of the test. All data is documented in the test report.

In addition to the vehicle seat test bench with an electromechanical test axis, Hegewald & Peschke also offers multi-axis test rigs for testing rows of seats.

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