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Automatic hardness tester – 500N
Automatic hardness tester – 500N

Automatic hardness tester – 500N

500N automatic hardness tester for circular blanks


The test execution and evaluation is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6507 (Vickers) in the load range from 50 N to 300 N.   The system has been designed to make an upgrade with the registering hardness testing (Martens) possible.

At the request of the hardness tester, the test objects are fed to the measuring position and clamped. For optical measurement, the circular blanks are fed to the automatic optical measurement location after setting the indentation (optional after the HM test). With the "CoinFlip" evaluation software, the depth of an indentation can be calculated in Vickers and converted into Martens. In the additional optical evaluation, the hardness indentation is measured and the hardness value determined in Vickers or Brinell depending on the respective test procedure. 

 Circular blanks with determined hardness values outside the tolerance range can be transported on a separate track.  The circular blanks can be tested manually without feedback to the database of the test station. 

After ending the test batch, it is possible to export the ascertained results into Excel in the operational network or to print a protocol. 

Device parameters

  • Automatic sample supply from the oscillating conveyor to the hardness tester

The maximum batch size for the test can be as much as 100 circular blanks. The filling weight in the oscillating conveyor can be a maximum of 2 kg

  • Simple and quick conversion to another circular blank dimension

 Infinitely adjustable for circular blanks in the range of Ø 14 mm to Ø 36 mm  

  • Selection of the loading forces via the software interface

 Presetting of HV10 to 98.07 N and HV30 to 294.2 N
Loading range infinitely adjustable from 50 N up to a maximum of 300 N 
Sample throughput up to 100 pieces per hour 

  • Fully automatic determination of the hardness values in accordance with EN ISO 14577 (Martens hardness), DIN EN ISO 6507 (Vickers) and DIN EN ISO 6506 (Brinell) 
  • Central control and operating computer for data input and data saving

 Internal fault monitoring with display of the functions and faults by a status light on the testing station (green - yellow - red)

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