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Automated Brinell hardness tester by Hegewald and Peschke for car and truck rims
Automated hardness tester for car and truck rims

Automated hardness tester for car and truck rims

Brinell hardness testing (HBT) according to DIN EN ISO 6506

The hardness tester for rims is an electromechanic special hardness tester, that is specialised for rim testing. The test frame divides in samples table, guidance device with load device followed from the test head.


  • fully automated rim hardness tester, for example for the use in robot
  • supported assembly lines- applicable for light metal rims up to a diameter of 24''
  • cycle times of 30s/60s (amplified/standard) feasible

Design of the construction and test procedure

The base frame consists of steel profiles with a bearing surface for different rim diameters. The probe AT130DR with enhanced downholder area, extension and hard metal Brinell ball is led onto the testing area by a motor driven z-axis and logs off when the necessary clamping force of 3.5kN is reached. The drive mechanism occurs by a three phase asynchronous motor with controls being integrated into the electrical cabinet.

By default cycle times of 60s can be realized, with amplified drive mechanism 30s are feasible. The measurands are provided by the hardness probe AT130 automatically via a RS232 interface after the test is finished. The actual measuring procedure is initiated automatically and the measurand is displayed digitally.

The construction offers a position-free-recognition for the test position rim in order to make an appropriate judgment of the measurands if the rim is missing respectively not to start the test in this case. Additionally the hardness testing machine is equipped with a two-hand control for the setting mode including an emergency stop and a switch between automatic and setting mode. The manual control is mounted at the right side of the machine outside of the robot area. The machine is also equipped with a control panel OP70. Every button at the machine is suitable for the handling with protective gloves. The load periods that are necessary for the test are firmly adjusted in the control.

The device is plugged at system voltage 230V/50Hz and compressed air 5bar. (Festo-components)
The machine is furnished with a manipulation protective cover for the automatic mode.

  • Dimensions (WxDxH [mm]) and weight: about 1100x700x2500, 350 kg
  • Movement speed: testing speed 0,002 - 3500 mm/min at full load
    rewind speed 3500 mm/min
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