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Hardness tester for high temperature tests in vacuum
Warm hardness tester up to 1500°C

Hot hardness testing system

Determination of the Vickers hardness in the range 300°C to 1500°C

This hot hardness testing machine is used to determine the hardness of metallic and ceramic high temperature materials. It enables the determination of the Vickers hardness in vacuum in the temperature range of 300-1500°C and is intended for use in the materials testing laboratory.

The hot hardness testing system consists of the hardness tester and the evaluation unit. The test preparation as well as the evaluation with logging can be carried out at the evaluation unit parallel to running tests in the furnace. The data set with all test settings is created and stored on the evaluation PC with the optionally connected measuring microscope. The hardness tester is provided with the specimen and the corresponding data set is loaded.

Hardness testing system

  • Servo motor load in closed loop up to 300 N
  • Load levels for Vickers according to DIN EN ISO 6507-1 from HV0.1 to HV30 stored in the default setting
  • Test force tolerances for Vickers according to DIN EN ISO 6507-2
  • Setting the dwell times in the test program (from 5 s to 60 s)

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