automated test cell for metal tensile tests

Automated test cell for metal tensile tests

Universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN with robot

This automated test cell for tensile tests on reinforcing steel and wire specimens consists of a 250kN universal testing machine with hydraulic fixtures from Hegewald & Peschke, a robot, a specimen recognition station, a sample rack and a scrap container. The cross-section determination during the tensile test is carried out by means of a scale and a length measuring system...

Automated hardness testing system

Automated hardness testing system with robot

The hardness testing station has a modular design and, according to requirements, can be supplemented by sample processing stations or additional test systems (e.g. geometric measurement or determination of the surface roughness). This means motor blocks, steel or aluminum rims and even housing parts can be tested. 


Test stand for component tests for the automotive industry

Test stand for cable-controlled gearshift

The test stand is intended for vertical and horizontal testing of cable pulls for gearshifts.

The test software LabMaster from Hegewald & Peschke allows complete control of the machine, display of measured data, calculation of test results and data storage.

Cam shaft test bench

Crank shaft test bench

Crank shaft test bench

Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH has provided automotive suppliers with further hardness testing systems for determining the surface hardness of automotive crank shafts and cam shafts.

1D Length Measurement Device Heavy


very robust digital measuring device made of steel for rod-shaped workpieces, tubes, profiles, rods, bars, material-cuts…

  • measuring length: 1250 mm, 1600 mm, 2200 mm
  • accuracy standard: ± (0,05 mm + 0,02 mm x L), L=measuring length in m
  • accuracy enhanced (option): ± (0,02 mm + 0,01 mm x L), L=measuring length in m
1D length measurement device "heavy" on mobile frame


very robust linear measure gadget made of steel for profiles with large cross section, on mobile frame

  • measuring length:  3200 mm
  • for cross sections up to 300 x 300 mm
  • accuracy:  ± (0,05 mm + 0,02 mm x L), L=measuring length in m
1D length measurement device, mounted on the floor


very robust measuring device made of steel, fixed on the floor

  • measuring length:  4000 mm (others on request)
  • for cross sections up to 230 x 1500 mm
  • quick change system for measuring jaws
1D-Measurement Device


control and calibration device for long tape measures

  • measuring length:  20,000 mm (others on request)
  • accuracy:  ± (0,05 mm + 0,01 mm x L), L=measuring length in m
  • microscope or video monitor with crosshair
Measuring device profile thickness measurement

Measuring machine thickness cross section on sheet metal strips up to 1800 mm

The measuring machine is suitable for semi-automated measurement of the thickness of sheet metal strips. It has a measuring carriage driven by an electric motor. A measuring bridge with two pneumatically driven measuring probes arranged opposite each other is attached to this measuring carriage. These measure the thickness of the sample. A workpiece holder enables the simple and positionally accurate manual insertion and fixing of the samples. 

High temperature furnace

High temperature furnaces

Material testing up to 1600°C

The further development of high temperature materials, as used in the construction of turbines or boilers for power stations or for aircraft engines, is a central focus of material research.

Rockwell hardness tester

Rockwell-Hardness tester HP 150 R

HP 150 R - The Rockwell specialist

The Rockwell Hardness Tester HP 150 R is suitable for hardness tests in the range from 0.2 kg to 250 kg.

Testing of clutch springs for commercial vehicles

Testing on disc springs

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN

For this application the universal testing machine Inspekt 100kN is used as a clutch spring testing machine. For this purpose it is equipped with a suitable testing device for disc springs. 

Automated metal tensile test with universal testing machine Inspekt

Fully-automated metal tensile test

Automated testing system with universal testing machine and robot

The automated test centre from Hegewald & Peschke offers high test speeds, operator-independent evaluation and automatic recording of test results. The core of the system is a universal testing machine of the type Inspekt...

Temperature & climate chambers

Temperature & climate chambers

Temperature & climate chambers - warmer, colder, moisture

Temperature and climate chambers provide the possibility of material and component testing under defined environmental conditions...

Rockwell Hardness Test Bench for crankshafts

Automatic Hardness Testing on crankshafts

This hardness test bench for crankshafts is a especially for this case constructed machine using a Rockwell- testing head. Clamping and unclamping as well as the positioning of the test piece are manually operated. The positioning as well as the clamping of the test gripper (with hardness test head) happens motorised due to operating the corresponding controls and sensors.

Alternating bending test rig for arm rest tests

Alternating bending test rig for arm rests

Alternating bending test rig for arm rests

  • test rig for alternating bending tests of arm rests according to EN 1335, EN 1728, EN 581-2, 
    DIN 4551, BIFMA X5.1 and BSI/BS 5459
  • basic test frame with electromotive height adjustment of the main traverse
  • can be equipped with 2 strength-regulated or strength-regulated and road-regulated actuators (pneumatic test axes), 2 load cells
Test portal for drop tests

Test portal for drop tests

Test portal for drop tests for mattresses, beds and other furniture

  • Drop test rig for individual tests on mattresses, beds and other furniture according to BIFMA X5.1, ISO 7173, EN 1335, BS 5459
  • test portal moveable with a clear height of 2000mm
  • drop test rig position-controlled with a drop height of 1-770mm


Weight disks for furniture stability tests

  • aluminium weight disks acc. to EN with 350 mm diameter, 48 mm height and 10 kg weight for furniture stability tests  
  • steel weight disks, 5 / 10 kg, with ball grips and 32 mm bore, as additional weights used among others as seat weights
3D Measurement Device

3D Measurement Device

3D Measurement Device for construction fittings, rods, strips, sections ...

  • Measurement range: 100 x 100 x 2,000/ 2,500/ 3,000 mm (longer on request)
  • Pneumatic clamping of test pieces
Universal testing machine inspekt table

Universal testing machine inspekt table

Material testing machines up to 250 kN

The testing machine series inspekt table was developed for standard-compliant materials and component testing in the medium load range, with particular attention paid to reliability and flexibility. It is ideally suited for materials testing of plastics or non-ferrous metals as well as for testing smaller components, for example from instrument engineering. Inspekt table is available in six different load levels from 5 kN to 250 kN. On request, the testing machines of the inspekt table series can be equipped with a second test area. They are available as floor-standing or table-top versions, depending on the requirements of the workplace.

Hardness testing equipment for crankshafts

Automotives - hardness testing

Hardness testing equipment for crankshafts

The Rockwell hardness testing equipment for crankshafts is a device designed particularly for this application purpose using a Rockwell measuring head of the company ERNST.

stability of seating furniture

Stability testing table

Test bench for determining the stability of chairs

Test table for determining the stability of seating furniture such as chairs, swivel chairs, stools, armchairs, cantilever chairs in accordance with the standards EN 1022, EN 1729-2, EN 581-2, ISO 7174-2 and BIFMA X5.1

Tilting drop test DIN 68878

Tilting drop test rig

Test rig for tilting drop tests at chairs

  • Performance of tilt-fall tests on chairs according to DIN 68878/1
  • SPS-controlled test bench
  • automatic switch-off in case of fracture of the test specimen
  • Various chair types can be clamped on the base plate using sliding brackets 


Video extensometer with universal testing machine

Optical Extensometers - Video extensometer

Deformation measurement by video extensometer

Non-contact deformation measuring device for material testing on the basis of high-resolution video technology using the surface structure or, if required, markings.

Testing of paper and cardboard with universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN

Testing of paper and cardboard

Universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN

With this testing system, consisting of the testing machine Inspekt 20 kN and a climate chamber, a wide variety of tests of paper and cardboard as well as corrugated board and tissue paper are possible. For example, tests for the packaging industry on the bending and buckling stiffness of cardboard or creep tests to observe the behavior of paper and cardboard under the influence of humidity, temperature and time can be carried out.

Universal testing machine inspekt

Universal testing machine inspekt

Material testing machines 100 kN to 2.500 kN

The series inspekt fulfils highest demands in terms of measurement accuracy and versatility. It allows tensile, compression, bending or torsion tests, flexibly adapted to customers test conditions. It is also characterised by its first-class frame stiffness, modern control electronics, and a convincing cost/performance ratio. The size of the test rooms of the individual machines can be customized. It is also possible to add one or more test room. Thus, the top-quality, rugged machines can be used for almost any testing task at the best reliability and accuracy. 

Shear frame testing system for textiles and composites

Shear frame testing system

for textile semi-finished products and composites

Test system for testing the tensile load of textiles and textile-reinforced plastics (e.g. composites, prepregs or organic sheets) with different types of bond...

Mechanical Fixture


From manual to fully automated - extensometers for material testing

Manual clip-on extensometers for fine extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp) or long-distance extensometers for fine and coarse extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp, A)...

Hardness Tester for Jominy-Testing

Hardness Tester for Jominy-Testing

Automated Hardness Tester AT200 for Jominy-Testings at up to 6 samples

This hardness tester for evaluation of Jominy-tests is an automated system composed of the following described components:

Software HardWin XL

Software HardWin XL

Hardness Testing Evaluation Software

Software HardWin XL Standard

  • designed for Windows XP/Vista
  • PC Software or Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop tests
  • suitable for routine tests
Double test rig

Double test rig

Double test rig for alternating bending tests on seating furniture, upholstery, and interlocking chairs

  • testing of seat, back and arm rests, and side to side testing according to EN 1335, EN 581-2-3, EN 1728, DIN 68878, BIFMA X5.1
  • basic test frame with crosshead, that is height-adjustable by electric motor
  • can be equipped with 4 load-controlled or load- and position-controlled pneumatic test axes with 4 load cells 5kN
Long-term test stand

Long-term test stand

Test stand for long-term tests on drawers, drawer guidings and functional fittings

  • tests according to EN 15338, EN 1727 und DIN 68898
  • tests with the pneumatic test axis can be carried out load- or position-controlled
  • stroke up to 800 mm, test speed up to 0.3 m/s test load up to 1500N
Test rig for car seats

Test rig for car seats

Test rig for vertical und horizontal test of car seats. 1 electromechanical actuator, without loading pads, including force sensor. Test procedure supported by comprehensive software.

Universal testing machine inspekt H

Universal testing machines inspekt H-HF

Servo-hydraulic material testing machines up to 1000kN

The servo-hydraulic universal testing machines of the series inspekt H-HF have been designed for routine jobs in metalworking and building materials industries. They are equipped with a mechanical wedge type grip for round and flat specimens. Optionally, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers a load frame with a user-friendly, hydraulic clamping tool. Furthermore, two test spaces allow for tensile, pressure, and bending tests without changeover times, which guarantees a high test throughput.

SWS-300 Laser extensometer

Optical extensometers - Laser extensometer

Deformation measurement with the laser extensometer

The non-contact linear expansion measurement allows the automatic determination of the initial gauge length (L0). The optical system does not influence the measurement with knife edges or its own weight. Laser and video extensometers are used. 

Testing the bending strength and breaking strength of cannulas

Breaking strength of hypodermic needles

Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10 kN

Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10kN to determine the breaking and bending strength of hypodermic needles in the field of medical technology.

Testing machine for the calibration of small load cells

Calibration machine for three load cells

Testing machine 10 kN and 50 kN for calibration purposes

Universal testing machine inspekt table 10 kN or inspekt table 50 kN as calibration machine, equipped with three load cells. The testing machine is designed for testing and calibrating load cells in different force ranges. 

Swivel test rig

Swivel test rig

Swivel tests on seating furniture and furniture casters

  • testing of casters, x-bases, substructures and gas springs on seating furniture according to DIN 4551, EN1335, NEN 1812 and BIFMA X5.1
  • equipped with 1 load-controlled pneumatic test axis, load cell 5kN and 1 electromotive rotation axis test
  • loads up to 1500N
Horizontal impact testing

Horizontal impact testing

Horizontal shock testing device (basketball test)

  • stability testing of seating furniture, tables, stools and drawer units according to BS 4875-8 and EN 13150
  • testing device is a horizontal shock testing device (basketball), which is blown up to a pressure of 73.5 +/- 5kPa and hangs on flexible wire ropes with a length of 850mm
Loading pads

Loading pads

Loading pads for longtime furniture testing

Loading pads are all equipped with an adapter for the 20 mm clamp system and a Cardan joint to decouple the load cell from bending moments   

Standard types:

  • loading pad round, 100 mm diameter
  • loading pad round, 200 mm diameter 
  • seat dummies acc. to DIN/EN and NEN, GFK or polyamide full material ram rectangular, 250x200 mm (EN), GFK or polyamide full material...
Testing gas springs with universal testing machine inspekt solo 1 kN

Gas spring testing

Universal testing machine inspekt solo-L 1 kN

Universal testing machine inspekt solo 1 kN in L-design with increased testing speed of 3000mm/min for testing gas pressure dampers.

Drop test rig

Drop test rig

Drop test rig for impact loading of seating furniture, upholstery and tables

  • testing of seat and back rest of seating furniture and upholstery, as well as tables according to EN 527-3, EN 581-2, EN 1728, DIN 4551, DIN 68878, BIFMA X5.1 und X5.5, BS 5459 und NEN 1812
  • basic test frame with crosshead, that is height-adjustable by electric motor, and drop test module
  • drop test rig is position-controlled with drop heights between 1 and 500mm
Test stand for furniture fittings

Test stand for furniture fittings

Combined test rig for position adjustments of fittings on bedframes, upholstered and seating furniture

  • testing of adjusting mechanics for the headboards of beds according to EN 1725, EN 1727, EN 15338 und DIN 68898
  • testing of different height adjustments for the head rests of upholstered and seating furniture
  • testing of the locking function on functional fittings
Drop weights

Drop weights

Drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests

  • drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests, adapted to impact test stand  
  • seat impactor drop weight with spring mechanism, 25 kg        
  • drop weight 8" acc. to BIFMA, 9.1 kg...
Special testing machine for draw-bead tests

Determination of the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets

Special testing machine 20 kN for draw-bead tests

  • Branch: Automotive industry

This testing machine allows to determining the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets in automotive manufacturing. Those sheets are used e.g. for engine bonnets, car wings, doors or pillars. The corresponding test procedure is the draw-bead-test.

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