Tensile test steel pipe

Tensile test on steel pipes

Universal testing machines inspekt 400 up to 2500 kN

Tensile testing on pipes or pipe strip specimens with universal testing machines of the inspekt series in a load range from 400 kN to 2500 kN

Special testing machine for the testing of glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipes

Nominal ring stiffness testing of glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipes

Special testing machine Inspekt S-XL 600kN, test room height 5000mm

  • Branch: plastics industry

The 6 metre high special testing machine S-XL 600kN has been developed especially for the testing of glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipes. These pipes are used, for example, as drinking water lines, waste water lines, irrigation or drainage systems...

bending test on thermoplastic pipe segment

Testing of pipe segments

Universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN

Testing of shoulder samples from pipe cross-sections of water pipes, gas pipes, connecting elements in tension and bending according to DVS2203, also tensile tests on copper strands (cable strands with connecting element). Testing system consisting of universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN, wedge grips 50kN, 3-point bending bench and LabMaster.

inspekt SH 500kN

Vertex pressure testing of GRP pipes

Universal testing machine inspekt SH 500kN with adjustable test space

  • Branch: plastics industry

Pipe systems from centrifugally cast glass fibre-reinforced polyester resin are used primarily in the water and waste water sectors. The pipe diameter can vary here between 150mm and 4000mm... 

Special universal testing machine inspekt S 50kN

Nominal ring stiffness testing of plastic pipes

Universal testing machine inspekt S 50kN with a working area width of 750mm

  • Branch: plastics industry

The nominal ring stiffness characterises the strength behaviour of plastic pipes in the construction, electrical and water/waste water industries and is subject to European standards.

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN/50kN

Tensile, compression and bending tests on GRP pipe systems

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN with a lateral test room 50kN

  • Branch: plastics industry

GRP pipes are often part of a critical network in civil engineering, for energy suppliers or in other industrial plants. Often, not only they do transport relatively harmless substances and environmentally friendly liquids, but also chemicals, contaminated cooling or heating water, crude oil and similar. To prevent leaks – and thus contamination of the soil and ground water – plastic pipes must meet high material requirements...  


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