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Measuring machine thickness cross section on sheet metal strips up to 1800 mm

Precise thickness measurement in production monitoring and quality assurance

The measuring machine is suitable for semi-automated measurement of the thickness of sheet metal strips. It has a measuring carriage driven by an electric motor. A measuring bridge with two pneumatically driven measuring probes arranged opposite each other is attached to this measuring carriage. These measure the thickness of the specimen. A workpiece holder enables the simple and positionally accurate manual insertion and fixing of the samples. 

Metal tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1

Universal testing machine inspekt 1200 kN

  • Branch: Metal and steel industry

The metal tensile test according to ISO 6892-1 is an integral part of quality assurance, especially for further processed materials and materials or components. 

Test stand for furniture fittings

Combined test rig for position adjustments of fittings on bedframes, upholstered and seating furniture

  • testing of adjusting mechanics for the headboards of beds according to EN 1725, EN 1727, EN 15338 und DIN 68898
  • testing of different height adjustments for the head rests of upholstered and seating furniture
  • testing of the locking function on functional fittings

Drop weights

Drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests

  • drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests, adapted to impact test stand  
  • seat impactor drop weight with spring mechanism, 25 kg        
  • drop weight 8" acc. to BIFMA, 9.1 kg...

Determination of the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets

Special testing machines for strip tensile tests, friction tests and draw-bead tests

  • Branch: Automotive industry

This testing machine allows to determining the abrasion and friction properties on deep-drawn sheets. Those sheets are used e.g. for engine bonnets, car wings, doors or pillars. The corresponding test procedure is the draw-bead-test.

test rig for durability tests on doors

Test rig for durability tests on doors according to EN 14727

  • this test stand can test the quality of different types of doors by means of durability testing according to EN 14727
  • after the door is fixed to the frame, the test cylinder sways the door via a rotation axis
  • another small pneumatic cylinder is responsible for actuating the closing mechanism (locking and unlocking) on the door

Fixing elements

Fixing elements for furniture test rigs

  • continuous adjustable fixture height, adjustable between 100mm and 300mm
  • u-shaped fixture for the X-base center pillar
  • easy clamping of X-base (diameter from 35mm up to 115mm)

Tensile test and Brinell hardness testing on screws

Universal testing machine inspekt table 100 kN

The inspekt table 100 kN is used in this application in the field of research and development on metals as a tensile testing machine for tensile tests on flat and round specimens, connection and thread specimens as well as shoulder head specimens.  

Test body

Test dummy for testing functional mechanics in acc. to ISO EN 13759

  • Testing of functional mechanisms for seating furniture and reclining sofas according to DIN EN 13759
  • Testing of hand-operated and motor-operated rocking mechanisms on seating furniture
  • Testing of strength and durability of mechanism

Universal test stand for linear movements

Testing device for drawers, drawer guidings and functional fittings

  • tests according to EN 15338, EN 1727 and DIN 68898
  • testing device can be operated as stationary or mobile model
  • servo linear axis with electromotive height adjustment

Load template

Load template for seating furniture

  • For tests according to standards EN 1022, ISO 7173 and EN 1728
  • arrow-shaped marking for the loading points "A" and "B"
  • marking of the load point "C" (stool)
  • integrated additional weight for a seat mass 20 kg;
    The additional weight is adjustable so that the the effect line of the gravitation to at least ±10 ° inclination runs by the point A.

Nominal ring stiffness testing of glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipes

Special testing machine Inspekt S-XL 600kN, test room height 5000mm

  • Branch: plastics industry

The 6 metre high special testing machine S-XL 600kN has been developed especially for the testing of glass fibre-reinforced plastic pipes. These pipes are used, for example, as drinking water lines, waste water lines, irrigation or drainage systems...

Testing of pipe segments

Universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN

Testing of shoulder samples from pipe cross-sections of water pipes, gas pipes, connecting elements in tension and bending according to DVS2203, also tensile tests on copper strands (cable strands with connecting element). Testing system consisting of universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN, wedge grips 50kN, 3-point bending bench and LabMaster.

3D Measurement Device

3D Measurement Device for construction fittings, rods, strips, sections ...

  • Measurement range: 100 x 100 x 2,000/ 2,500/ 3,000 mm (longer on request)
  • Pneumatic clamping of test pieces

Safety devices

Safe and practical

Each model of the inspekt series can be equipped with a transparent Makrolon safety door. These are essential for some test procedures and materials for the protection of the operating personnel, e.g. in the case of splintering specimens. Depending on the design of the safety door, the various require-ments according to EN ISO 13489-1 can be performed. 

Changing devices

for the integration of different components into the test room

By using the changing device with linear roll guides the changeover times for the realization of different testing tasks at one machine can be reduced to a minimum...

Testing insulation materials

Universal testing machine inspekt S 20kN with three test areas

  • Branch: plastics industry

Life without thermal insulation materials is inconceivable nowadays. In addition to typical material properties, key mechanical parameters determined of insulation materials also include tensile strength, expansion and compressive resistance and deformation behaviour...

Automatic hardness tester – 500N

500N automatic hardness tester for circular blanks

Sample parameters

  • Circular blanks  Ø14 to Ø36 mm with edge heights of 1.0 to 3.0 mm
  • Weights of the circular blanks from 1 g to 15 g
  • Sample material ranging from homogeneous to multi-layer material compositions with electroplated coatings  
  • Sample surface of Al, Cu, Ni, Ag, Au, St with surface structures ranging from matt to high gloss 

Horizontal tensile testing of cables, wires, chains, etc.

Universal testing machine inspekt H-L 600kN with horizontal test area

  • Branch: electrical industry

The universal testing machine inspekt H-L 600kN was developed as a horizontal material testing system for testing products with high strengths and measurement lengths, such as chains, cables, wires or finished products with extensive installation lengths...

Vertex pressure testing of GRP pipes

Universal testing machine inspekt SH 500kN with adjustable test space

  • Branch: plastics industry

Pipe systems from centrifugally cast glass fibre-reinforced polyester resin are used primarily in the water and waste water sectors. The pipe diameter can vary here between 150mm and 4000mm... 

Tensile test on cables and strands

Universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 20kN

Test system for tensile force tests on cables, cables with plugs, ferrules and cable lugs, which are installed in control cabinets. The testing system consists of the universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 20 kN with two load cells (20 kN and 3 kN), one TH170-50 wrap-around grips and a pair of wedge grips with clamping jaws for flat samples with saw tooth profile. 

Hot stamping of microstructures

Precision forming machine inspekt 600kN P.U.M.A.

  • Branch: research

Within the scope of a research project with the Fraunhofer Institute IWU in Chemnitz, the fundamental feasibility of a technology for the hot stamping of non-metallic materials in the high temperature range was examined...  

Testing heavy current isolators

Universal testing machine inspekt SA-4S 600kN with central loading spindle

  • Branch: electrical industry

Isolators are used in a broad range of energy-related applications. They are subjected to a wide spectrum of electrical and mechanical influences under real ambient conditions during operation...

Integrated controller – supply terminal

Integrated controller with testing and evaluation software (supply terminal)

  • arbitrary number of furniture testing modules can be connected
  • simultaneous processing of 5 different actuators (pneumatic test axes) with different testing tasks and parameters is possible
  • extensive testing and evaluation software

Testing on disc springs

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN

For this application the universal testing machine Inspekt 100kN is used as a clutch spring testing machine. For this purpose it is equipped with a suitable testing device for disc springs. 

Testing flooring elements

Universal testing machine inspekt S Vario 30/50kN with mobile loading axle

  • Branch: wood and plastics industry

Flooring elements and their support systems are subjected to extreme mechanical loading in the form of compressive and bending forces... 

Testing foams

Universal testing machine inspekt S 5kN with central loading

  • Branch: plastics industry

Soft elastic foams are primarily used for damping and insulation. Almost all plastics are suitable for foaming...

Testing of paper and cardboard

Universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN

With this testing system, consisting of the testing machine Inspekt 20 kN and a climate chamber, a wide variety of tests of paper and cardboard as well as corrugated board and tissue paper are possible. For example, tests for the packaging industry on the bending and buckling stiffness of cardboard or creep tests to observe the behavior of paper and cardboard under the influence of humidity, temperature and time can be carried out.

Calibration of force reference standards

Reference standard measurement machine inspekt K 600kN

  • Branch: Verification laboratories, calibration services

Load cells, which are used for example in classic material testing machines, must be checked periodically for their measuring accuracy with reference force standards...

Universal shaft testing in the automotive industry

Universal testing machine inspekt S-L 250kN in horizontal configuration

  • branch: automotive industry

Automotive universal shafts and drive trains are subject to considerable compressive and tensile mechanical loading during use...

Breaking strength of hypodermic needles

Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10 kN

Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10kN to determine the breaking and bending strength of hypodermic needles in the field of medical technology.

Calibration machine

Universal testing machine Inspekt 2500 kN

Force reference standard measuring machine up to 2500 kN for calibrations of reference force standards and reference transducers.

Nominal ring stiffness testing of plastic pipes

Universal testing machine inspekt S 50kN with a working area width of 750mm

  • Branch: plastics industry

The nominal ring stiffness characterises the strength behaviour of plastic pipes in the construction, electrical and water/waste water industries and is subject to European standards.

Static puncture tests and bending tests on glass

Glass testing machine inspekt S 50 kN

  • Branch: glass industry

With the Inspekt S 50kN, stamp compression tests can be carried out on glass according to ISO 614 and bending tests according to DIN EN 1288-3 up to a maximum load of 50 kN.

Two-axis special testing machine inspekt V100kN/H1kN

Test on moments of pivot bearings under load

  • Branch: Aircraft industry

Universal testing machine in special design with two axes - one vertical and one horizontal test axis: For the determination of torques of different joints under loads up to 100kN.

Component testing machine

Special universal testing machine inspekt S 300kN

This component testing machine has a test chamber height of 3500 mm and a test chamber width of 1680 mm, so it has been specially designed for testing larger components.

Alternating bending test rig – seats

Alternating bending test rig for seating furniture - Calmar one

  • side to side testing of seats according to EN 1335, EN 1728, EN 581-2 und BIFMA X5.1
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • Basic test frame with portal frame

Gas spring testing

Universal testing machine inspekt solo-L 1 kN

Universal testing machine inspekt solo 1 kN in L-design with increased testing speed of 3000mm/min for testing gas pressure dampers.

Drum peel test on sandwich specimen - Testing of composites

Universal testing machine inspekt table 20 kN

Test system for drum peel test on sandwich composites materials according to DIN EN 2243-3 and ASTM 1781.

Spring testing machines - Testing of springs

Universal testing machine inspekt table 20 kN

The spring testing system consists of a universal testing machine inspekt table 20kN, compression plates 20 kN with exchangeable mandrel for spring testing, two load cells (500 N and 20 kN) and the testing software LabMaster with the module stiffness correction

Table test stand

Test field for horizontal and vertical table testing, testing of cabinets - Calmar one

  • Testing of tables, horizontal and vertical load application; e.g. according to EN 527, EN 581-3, EN 1729, EN 1730, EN 12521, DIN EN 14074, DIN 68885; 3 cylinders
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • box frame 2400x2400

Testing of protective gloves via puncture resistance test

Universal testing machine inspekt duo up to 10 kN

A universal testing machine inspekt duo up to 10 kN is used. It is equipped with a special device for pressure tests on gloves or glove cut-outs made of polyethylene or latex and material testing software LabMaster.

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