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"EN 527-3" "581-2-3" "EN 1730" "BIFMA X5.1" "table test"
Test rig for tables

Displacement test rig for tables

Displacement test rig for vertical and horizontal testing of tables and desks - Calmar pro

  • Displacement test rig for vertical and horizontal testing of tables according to EN527-3, EN581-2-3, EN1730, BIFMA X5.1 load or load/position controlle
  • 4 test axes for horizontal table testing, 1 test axis for vertical table testingr
  • the test axes each have their own controllers assembled in the immediate vicinity, which are operated from a PC via CAN-bus and work synchronised
  • they are supplied via a central supply terminal, which can carry up to 5 pneumatic test axes
  • Central supply terminal and PC can be positioned on a separate framework
  • via a USB interface on the PC the data, control commands and software settings are transmitted via the central supply terminal to the pneumatic test axes
  • part of the test stand is our extensive testing and evaluation software for the system software Windows 2000 or XP
  • 1 Framework for supply terminal, PC, keyboard and screen, moveable

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