"creep test" "creep rupture device" "tensile testing leather"
Testing machine for creep behaviour testing

Mechanical creep behaviour testing equipment

Mechanical creep behaviour testing equipment for leather samples

consisting of:

  • Framework rack for the admission of 5 tensioning
  • Load applying over weights
  • Working strength ever 50 to 200 N at each tensioning
  • Device accuracy of the working strength +/- 1 % of the final strength from 50 to 200 N
  • The individual tensioning devices are mechanically decoupled, in order to avoid oscillations with the sample breakage
  • 5 specimen mounting plates

Test task:
Determination of the length variation of creep samples during a long-term stress test

Load test stand with 5 load stations, respective maximum permissible load 200N by applying of maximally 4 50N-plates, enterprise by pneumatic circuit.

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Percussion protection for the impact absorption of the metal parts

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