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Tensile test with pneumatic grips
Pneumatic grip 7 kN
Tensile test with pneumatic grips
Pneumatic grip 20 kN
Tensile test with pneumatic grips
Pneumatic grip 5 kN with force reduction and wrap curve
Tensile test with pneumatic grips
Pneumatic wedge type grip for the use in temperature chambers

Pneumatic grips

Controlled clamping with compressed air - versatile and efficient

Advantages of pneumatic grips:

  • versatile application possibilities:
    • suitable for testing fibers, foils, paper, textiles, plastics, strips, tapes, wires
    • suitable for materials sensitive to clamping forces
  • high efficiency for testing large quantities
  • low changeover effort when testing different specimens
  • constant and optimally adjustable reproducible pretensioning force
  • constant controllable gripping force over the entire test
  • cost-effective, lighter and smaller required space compared to hydraulic grips
  • ergonomic operation either by hand or foot switch
  • depending on the design (single-sided or double-sided closing), both symmetrical and asymmetrical clamping possible

Selection of pneumatic grips:

Single-sided pneumatic grip 3,5 kN

Single-sided pneumatic grip 20 kN

Double-sided pneumatic grip 2,4 kN

Pneumatic wedge type grip 10 kN /20 kN

• centric and acentric clamping possible

• direct-acting cylinder

• centric and acentric clamping possible

• special design: indirect power transmission with cylinder mounted in opposite direction

• compact design

• only for centric clamping

• suitable for usage in temperature chamber: -70 to +280°C

• incl. Teflon seal

• variable length of extension rods


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