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Dynamic testing machine by Hegewald and Peschke for micro system testing
Universal testing machine micro LC100 N for micro system technology

Universal testing machine inspekt micro LC100N

Static-dynamic material testing machines up to 100N

With the development of the universal testing machine inspekt micro LC 100N, Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH broadened its product range to static and dynamic component testing in micro ranges. This material testing machine is ergonomically designed in order to make the work with micro samples and components easier. Additionally, the wide range of accessories enables

  • material and component testing
  • shear testing on soldered connections on SMD boards
  • tensile testing on Bond wire connections
  • deformation measurement on the front of Chevron samples

The universal testing machine inspekt micro works with test loads up to 100N and at frequencies up to 50Hz. The testing machine software LabMaster is responsible for control and evaluation of the individual tests.  Ggraphic representation (e.g. in individual, series or average curves) makes evaluation and processing of measured load and position values easier. Extension can be measured contactless with the help of an optical extensometer.  Avideo system can be used to support specimen adoption, to record the test, and to determine the strain values. Using the video modul of LabMaster the video data are then assigned to the recorded mechanical data. Thanks to the data acquisition rate of up to 1kHz, in- and output signals are recorded synchronously with the video images. 

The functioning of universal testing machine inspekt micro can be tested beforehand. Thus, a smooth production flow is ensured and unnecessary testing times, higher costs, or defective product tests are avoided from the beginning. At the same time, inspekt micro allows for life tests of components. For a number of products, the result of this test is an important quality feature and thus, also a convincing sales argument. The corresponding test reports are directly provided by the inspekt micro system.

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