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1D light length measuring device
Light length measuring device
1D length measuring device with plastic pipe
Light length measuring device with plastic pipe
1D light length measuring machine for long specimen
Light length measuring device up to 3350mm measuring length


digital measurement tool made of aluminium for lightweight rod-shaped workpieces, tubes, profiles, poles, bars, belts, cords, cuts…

  • measuring length from 950 mm to 3,850 mm in a variety of graduations
  • accuracy:  ± (0,06mm + 0,02mm x L), L=measuring length in m
  • very easy to use
  • use-oriented configurable (workpiece supports, measuring equipment)
  • high-quality, robust Magnescale® measurement systems
  • optional PC-/Printer Interface RS232/USB
  • optional workbench (also mobile) and workplace equipment

Product brochure light 1D length measurement devices

1D length measurement device “light”

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