Measuring device profile thickness measurement
Measuring machine
Measuring device Profile thickness measurement up to 1800mm

Measuring machine thickness cross section on sheet metal strips up to 1800 mm

Precise thickness measurement in production monitoring and quality assurance

The measuring machine is suitable for the semi-automatic measurement of the thickness of sheet metal strips at any position distributed over the total length in a fixed measuring plane.

It has an electric motor-driven measuring carriage on which a measuring bridge with two pneumatically driven measuring probes arranged opposite each other is mounted. These measure the thickness of the specimen using the addition method.

A workpiece holder enables the simple and positionally accurate manual insertion and fixing of the specimens.

 A PC with suitable software (e.g. LabMaster), which is required for operation but is not included in the scope of delivery of the machine, serves as the operating interface. This is where the specimen-specific data is entered, the measurement series are parameterised and the measurement data is stored and processed/output. The machine is supplied as a unit consisting of a table-top unit and workbench with built-in control cabinet.

Specifications of the machine:

  • Measuring range: 0 - 10 mm
  • Measuring accuracy: ±1 µm (at 20°C)
  • Dimensions (mm): approx. W2200 x H1420 x D740 (incl. workbench)
  • Weight: approx. 250 kg

Specifications of the specimen:

  • Thickness: 0.35 - 10 mm
  • Height: 70 - 110 mm
  • Length: 120 - 1800 mm


  • Software (required for operation)
  • PC (required for operation)
Semi-automatic measurement of the thickness of sheet metal strips

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