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CalMaster is the universal component and furniture testing software for the Calmar pro testing technology series. It is user-friendly and flexible and can be used for both simple and complex multi-axis testing tasks. A special feature of the software is the associated application support. If questions arise in the application regarding the solution of testing tasks or if you would like to change test sequences, we are at your side with help and advice - at no additional cost.

Standards-based test templates stored in the system allow tests to be parameterized with little configuration effort. All necessary parameters are preset: Once the template has been loaded, testing can begin immediately. Of course, individual, application-specific single- and multi-axis test sequences can also be defined.

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Free configuration with the block program

If more complex or special tests are planned, the test sequence can be freely configured with a block program. The modular concept of the test system allows the assignment of specific test axes to different test tasks. Meanwhile, it is also possible to combine several axes into one test sequence. In this way, the system can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of changing inspection tasks and to customer-specific requirements. 

Testing procedure with CalMaster

During the execution of a test, the actual state of the test is displayed in a visualization window. Relevant states and actual values are displayed as instantaneous values or real-time graphics. 

CalMaster for research and development

CalMaster offers great advantages in research and development. For example, the software allows controlled force-displacement hysteresis curves to be recorded during testing. This allows you to identify ageing effects and fatigue processes - valuable information for the design. External devices and measuring channels can also be integrated into the test software and synchronized with the test sequence.

Test evaluation with the protocol editor

All test data and settings are stored individually in a database. The entire database is managed by an Explorer. Test reports and certificates can be created from the stored measured values and settings as well as freely definable parameters. 



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Furniture testing system Calmar pro with testing software CalMaster

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