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Test stand for component tests for the automotive industry
Test stand for cable-controlled gearshifts for the automotive industry
Component test stand in detail for cable-controlled gearshift
Component test stand in detail

Test stand for cable-controlled gearshift

The test stand is intended for vertical and horizontal testing of cable pulls for gearshifts.

The test software LabMaster allows complete control of the machine, display of measured data, calculation of test results and data storage.

Possible tests with the software LabMaster:

  • Static and cyclic compression/tensile tests (e.g. compression test on the shift lever to determine the actuation path for unlocking the locking mechanism)
  • Determination of inherent friction
  • Limit load tests
  • Displacement-clearance-measurements in switching and selection direction
  • Efficiency assessment 

Parameters such as force, path, speed (in-directly via time settings), number of cycles and pause time are freely programmable via the standard software; furthermore, the software allows a largely free definition of the entire test sequence by the successive processing of program blocks, which in turn can be called up cyclically.

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