Creep testing machine by Hegewald and Peschke for bending tests on cardboard.
Creep bending test device for cardboard

Creep bending test machine for cardboard

Creep test under weight-loading in a climate chamber


The device for the creep bending test in a climate chamber is intended for the testing of corrugated cardboard under climatic influence and loading by weights. The testing machine can also be used as a tabletop unit outside of a climate chamber.

Characteristics and mechanical design:

Creep rupture tests necessarily require a longer period of time. The testing machine therefore has 4 places for 4-point bending tests for efficient test performance. The load is applied by weights. The specimens are tested perpendicular to the layers in the bending test. The path is recorded by digital displacement transducers and transmitted to evaluation software.

Testing machine for creep testing at a glance

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