Creep behaviour testing equipment

"creep rupture test" "creep test device"
Creep compressive test device for cardboard

Creep compressive test device for cardboard

Creep test under weight-loading in a climate chamber


The device for the creep compressive test in a climate chamber is intended for the testing of corrugated cardboard under climatic influence and loading by weights. The device can also be used as a tabletop unit outside of a climate chamber.

Characteristics and mechanical design:

The device provides 4 spaces for the compression tests. The stroke is received by digital travel sensors and submitted to an evaluation software. The loading is carried out by weights.

Technical data:

maximum permitted test load per test station


usable test stroke


maximum measuring stroke of the  linear sensor


accuracy of the linear sensor

class 1 acc. to DIN EN ISO 9513

resolution of the linear sensor


dimensions (W x D x H)

520 x 570 x 570 [mm]

max. specimen dimensions

(L x W x H)

100 x 25 x 15 [mm]

weight of the device without loading weights


temperature range




Included accessories:

bearing: upper part for the loading frame

bending probe: inductive linear sensor 20 mm, ht-version (150°C), 80mV/V, 3m+ TEDS-modul, mounted in the plug )



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