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Creep compressive test device for cardboard

Creep testing machine under weight-loading in a climate chamber


Corrugated cardboard is often used as container in warehousing and storage. In the field the containers potentially have to carry their loads for a period of many month - thereby undergoing a multiplicity of changes in relative humidity and temperature. In order to effectively and reliably determine the long term load-carrying ability of the materials under those stress factors, creep test are an essential testing procedure.

The device for the creep compressive test in a climate chamber is intended for the testing of corrugated cardboard under climatic influence and loading by weights. The testing machine can also be used as a tabletop unit outside of a climate chamber.

Characteristics and mechanical design:

The testing machine is equipped with 4 sample places. The specimens are tested upright in a compression test. For the compression test, the specimens are placed in the creep test machine and loaded with corresponding weights. Under the influence of the load and cyclic changes in temperature and humidity, the specimens swell and shrink again. In addition, the sample height gradually decreases over a longer loading period. The path is recorded by digital displacement transducers and transmitted to evaluation software.

Testing machine for creep rupture testing at a glance

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