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friction testing machine for cylinder-pin pairs
Testing machine for friction tests in a climate chamber

Friction test stand

Friction test stand for examination of pin - cylinder pairs under climate influence

  • Heat insulated test space
  • Storages, drive unit with servo motor on stable base plate; with the test space springy supported by a table
  • Load unit with weights; adjustable; optionally with electric adjustment for changing the load during the test This test stand is used for examining cylinder
  • pin pairs in the range of sparse wear

The friction speed, nominal load, temperature and humidity can be set continuously within the range stated in the prospect. The actual testing facility is situated inside a climate controllable test chamber equipped with a little observation window.

The test stand is delivered completely assembled. The base machine can be enhanced with additional accessories to meet different testing requirements. Such accessories are e.g. external climate control units and protective devices. The sample holder can be adapted to customers needs and requirements.

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