Test stand for stone impact tests

Test room stone impact tester
stone impact tester

Stone impact tester

Test stand for stone impact tests on car radiators

This stone chip tester can be used to test large components in particular, such as car radiators.

The test stand is tightly clad on all sides and can be opened from two sides. The firing device can only be operated when the door is closed. 

Functional principle of the stone impact tester

The balls are inserted into a magazine provided for this purpose and shot with air pressure at the inner tubes of the cooler systems. A laser pointer is used for aiming. At a speed of about 140 km/h, the balls hit the test specimen. The balls consist of hard cast granulate and have a diameter of 4-5mm (DIN EN ISO 11124-2).

The distance between magazine and sample can be adjusted in the range of 150 to 600mm according to requirements.

Per test there are 40 stone impacts on the specimen. The testing machine detects shot, speed and position on the target. Additional software is not necessary.

The inner walls are covered with rubber to reduce noise. Testing machine and type of measurement were realized according to the requirements of the VDA.


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