Testing machines for torsion testing

Testing machines for torsion testing are mainly used in science, research and teaching, in testing laboratories and in production control during production.They are used to determine the torque load of specimens made of different materials in static tests, e.g: 

  • Plastics, composite materials
  • Screws, cardan shafts
  • Twisting tests on wires according to DIN ISO7800 and ASTM A938 as well as alternating twisting tests on wires according to DIN ISO 9649
  • Calibration of torque sensors

Torsion test stand

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Torsion testing machine

Torsion test stand

Torsion test stand inspekt T3500

A rugged drive flange and a  mulit lever gear assembly with AC servo motor forms the lower drive level at 650 mm height. The side walls are rugged and transmit the nominal torsional moment of up to 3500 Nm. The front and back sides are equipped with eletrically monitored doors and protect the operator from hazardous situations at  specimen breakage. A pneumatic cylinder presses the counter bearing with the torque sensor with up to 5 kN to the specimen. It can be height-adjusted manually. Angular measurements is done by the motor's rotary encoder. The connecting flanges (top and bottom) with the 50 mm square-end for specimen acceptance can be exchanged. The potential field of application of this testing system comprises mechanical stress tests for determining technological and physical material properties of square ended specimens.


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