Testing machines for torsion testing

Testing machines for torsion testing are mainly used in science, research and teaching, in testing laboratories and in production control during production.They are used to determine the torque load of specimens made of different materials in static tests, e.g: 

  • Plastics, composite materials
  • Screws, cardan shafts
  • Twisting tests on wires according to DIN ISO7800 and ASTM A938 as well as alternating twisting tests on wires according to DIN ISO 9649
  • Calibration of torque sensors

Torsion test stand

Device for torsion testing
Torsion testing device for the installation in a testing machine

Device for torsion testing

Rotary module device 800Nm

Rotary module device 800Nm for forming friction tests.

Designed for installation in the universal testing machine series Inspekt 100-250.

Infinitely adjustable testing speed from 0.01 to 105 revolutions per minute, with a maximum load of 800Nm and simultaneous axial pressure load of 100kN.


Safe test results: