test machine for torsion testing according to DIN ISO 7800, ASTM A938
Torsion testing machine Inspekt T-200H

Torsion testing device

Torsion testing machine T-200H

With the torsion tester T-200H a maximum torque of 200Nm at a rotational speed of 25U/min can be realized.

The maximum test chamber length is 470mm, the maximum diameter of the test specimens is 160mm or 170mm flight circle diameter.

The testing device for torsion tests is equipped with a safety door which is electrically monitored. The LabMaster material testing software is available for carrying out the tests and evaluating the test results.

Examples of application areas:

  • Torsion testing of adhesive joints of gear shafts
  • Torsion testing of bonded and welded metal parts for the automotive industry

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