Automated hardness testing system with robot

The hardness testing system has a modular design and can be complemented by stations for sample processing or additional testing systems (e.g. geometrical measurement or determination of surface roughness), if required. This allows testing engine blocks, steel and aluminium wheels or housing components. It is thereby possible to adapt the system to the customer‘s specific requirements.

The robot performs the central handling tasks between the different testing stations, which previously could be realized only with high investments in time and personnel. Possible errors occurring during manual inspection get eliminated. The automatic hardness testing system works with the Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell procedure. Depending on the requirement, the most different materials can be tested for their hardness. Due to the realized modular system, it is possible to replace the module hardness tester with a universal testing machine, or to complement it if required. In this case, fully automated tensile, pressure and bending tests can be realized.

The system consists of the following components:

  • Hardness tester with integrated fully-automated optical system (up to 3000kp)
  • Robot designed for test specimen with a load up to 120 kg
  • Station for specimen preparation (milling machine)
  • Station for the recording of component markings via a camera system
  • Signing station for the marking of components
  • Feeding and magazining unit

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