Testing software LabMaster for material testing

The universal material testing software LabMaster is available for all universal testing machines and devices with our  electronic configuration (universal testing machines Inspekt mini, Inspekt table blue, Inspekt table 5 - 250kN, Inspekt, Retrofittings, Special machines). The network capable software operates under Windows operating system. LabMaster allows for the communication with the testing machine, test parameterisation, data analysis and data handling.

Brochure software LabMaster 

LabMaster realizes all necessary functions for the testing process

  • communication with the testing system, data acquisition
  • automatic recognition, checking and calibration of all measurement sensors
  • parametrisation of the testing procedure
  • graphics settings
  • protocol editor to generate user-defined  reports
  • interfaces for the exchange of test and parameter data
  • Integration of different measuring instruments (scales, caliper gauge etc.)

The determination of the results according to the given standard or testing specification is conducted by an integrated evaluation module, which contains all formulae of the specified testing standard. The software option formula editor allows users to define their own calculation formular.

Special attention was paid for a clear and easy operation

  • storage of test parameter sets allowing instantaneous testing
  • online help function
  • different user levels
  • remote servicing by Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH through internet, error handling and parametrisation support

The user layout follows the Microsoft ® Office Software to enable fast operator training. Hegewald & Peschke's software can also process data of peripheral devices. This allows LabMaster to be used as an universal testing software.
We also offer support for individual software solutions.


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