Accessories for Universal Testing Machines

The range of testing machine accessories is as comprehensive as the testing tasks are varied and individual. In order to equip your testing system according to its intended use, we have a comprehensive range of accessories for materials testing such as specimen grips and extensometers. We present a selection of these on this page. If you are missing the desired testing accessories, please contact us. We will find the right solution for you.

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Mechanical specimen grips

Gripping, clamping, holding - from rough to fragile

Hegewald & Peschke offers a wide range of mechanical grips for tensile tests. This includes both from-fit and force-fit grips, each of which can be used for a wide range of materials, specimen shapes and temperature ranges.

Mechanical specimen grips at a glance:

  • Vice grips
  • Pincer grips
  • Wedge type grips
  • Screw type wedge action grips
  • Specimen holders for shoulder, screw and thread head testing

Pneumatic grips

Controlled clamping with compressed air - versatile and efficient

Pneumatic grips are used primarily for tensile tests in a load range of up to 20 kN and for testing specimens that are sensitive to clamping. They enable efficient material testing with convenient operation either via hand or foot switch.

Advantages of pneumatic grips:
  • versatile application possibilities:
    • suitable for testing fibers, foils, paper, textiles, plastics, strips, tapes, wires
    • suitable for materials sensitive to clamping forces
  • high efficiency for testing large quantities
  • constant controllable clamping force over the whole test
  • more cost-effective, lighter and smaller required space compared to hydraulic grips

Hydraulic grips

The safe push-button grip - convenient and unbelievably strong

Fast and slide-safe tensile tests according to national and international standards, on worked and non-worked flat and round test pieces of metallic and nonmetallic materials of all tensile strengths... 

Bending devices and folding devices

Flexure test kits for 3- and 4-point bending tests and folding tests

Applications for bending devices and folding devices:
  • Determination of material properties of brittle composites, ceramics, metals, wooden panels, rigid plastics 
  • Analysis of welded sheets

High temperature furnaces

Material testing up to 1600°C

The further development of high temperature materials, as used in the construction of turbines or boilers for power stations or for aircraft engines, is a central focus of material research.

Temperature chambers & climate chambers

Temperature & climate chambers - warmer, colder, moisture

Temperature and climate chambers provide the possibility of material and component testing under defined environmental conditions...

Optical Extensometers - Video extensometer

Deformation measurement by video extensometer

Non-contact deformation measuring device for material testing on the basis of high-resolution video technology using the surface structure or, if required, markings.

Video extensometer for tensile tests on reinforcing steel

Deformation measurement acc. to EN ISO 15630 and DIN 488

The ONE-ROD video extensometer is an easy-to-use optical extensometer optimized for tensile testing on reinforcing steel and wire rods.

Shear frame testing system

for textile semi-finished products and composites

Test system for testing the tensile load of textiles and textile-reinforced plastics (e.g. composites, prepregs or organic sheets) with different types of bond...


From manual to fully automated - extensometers for material testing

Manual clip-on extensometers for fine extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp) or long-distance extensometers for fine and coarse extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp, A)...

Optical extensometers - Laser extensometer

Deformation measurement with the laser extensometer

The non-contact linear expansion measurement allows the automatic determination of the initial gauge length (L0). The optical system does not influence the measurement with knife edges or its own weight. Laser and video extensometers are used. 

Safety devices

Safe and practical

Each model of the inspekt series can be equipped with a transparent Makrolon safety door. These are essential for some test procedures and materials for the protection of the operating personnel, e.g. in the case of splintering specimens. Depending on the design of the safety door, the various require-ments according to EN ISO 13489-1 can be performed. 

Changing devices

for the integration of different components into the test room

By using the changing device with linear roll guides the changeover times for the realization of different testing tasks at one machine can be reduced to a minimum...


Second-hand accessories for material testing

Current selection of second hand testing machines, hardness testing instruments and accessories
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