Tactile extensometer for contact strain measurement
Clip-on extensometer for contact strain measurement
Metal tensile test with extensometer
Long distance extensometer MFX 200
Material testing with extensometer
MFQ lateral extensometer with 2 measuring points
Material testing/tensile test with extensometer
Clip-on extensometer MFA25 for determination of longitudinal strain e.g. on plastics


From manual to fully automated - extensometers for material testing

Manual clip-on extensometers for fine extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp) or long-distance extensometers for fine and coarse extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp, A). The user can choose among manual or automatic opening and closing of measurement arms. From the E-modulus up to specimen fracture all elongation values can be recorded.

Clip-on extensometer MFA

Lateral extensometers MFQ-H and MFQ-B

Long distance extensometer MFE

Long distance extensometers MFX

Long distance extensometers L700 and L1100

Tensile test on round specimens according to ISO 6892-1 method A1
Tensile test on round specimens with clip-on extensometer

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