Accessories for Universal Testing Machines

The range of testing machine accessories is as comprehensive as the testing tasks are varied and individual. In order to equip your testing system according to its intended use, we have a comprehensive range of accessories for materials testing such as specimen grips and extensometers. We present a selection of these on this page. If you are missing the desired testing accessories, please contact us. We will find the right solution for you.

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Tactile extensometer for contact strain measurement
Clip-on extensometer for contact strain measurement


From manual to fully automated - extensometers for material testing

Manual clip-on extensometers for fine extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp) or long-distance extensometers for fine and coarse extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp, A). The user can choose among manual or automatic opening and closing of measurement arms. From the E-modulus up to specimen fracture all elongation values can be recorded.

Clip-on extensometer MFA

Lateral extensometer MFQ-B2

Lateral extensometer MFQ-H

Long distance extensometer MFE

Long distance extensometers MFX

Long distance extensometers L700 and L1100


Second-hand accessories for material testing

Current selection of second hand testing machines, hardness testing instruments and accessories
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