Accessories for Universal Testing Machines

The range of testing machine accessories is as comprehensive as the testing tasks are varied and individual. In order to equip your testing system according to its intended use, we have a comprehensive range of accessories for materials testing such as specimen grips and extensometers. We present a selection of these on this page. If you are missing the desired testing accessories, please contact us. We will find the right solution for you.

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Test tools for tensile tests on screws
Test system for tensile tests on screws: specimen holder in wedge type grip
Wedge type grip 10 kN
Screw type wedge action grip 250kN

Fixture grips – mechanical, pneumatic

Grip, clamp, hold - from coarse to filigree

For metal tensile testing, beyond the wide range of clamping systems mechanical wedge type grips are used frequently. Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers these holding fixtures up to a load of 600 kN. A notable highlight is the integrated adaptation system for compression plates, bending benches, power analysers and so on. A time consuming change of the test equipment during changing setting of tasks is avoided thereby. 

Overview wedge type grips

Screw type wedge action grips 10kN

Screw type wedge action grips 20kN and 50kN

Screw type wedge action grips 100kN and 250kN

Clamping jaws for screw type wedge action grips


Second-hand accessories for material testing

Current selection of second hand testing machines, hardness testing instruments and accessories
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