high temperature furnace for material testing machines
High temperature furnace
Material testing under temperature condition
Material testing system hot tensile test with universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN and high temperature furnace
Hot tensile test
Hot tensile test

High temperature furnaces

Material testing up to 1600°C

The further development of high temperature materials, as used in the construction of turbines or boilers for power stations or for aircraft engines, is a central focus of material research. The materials used here must continue to exhibit significant mechanical strength at high temperatures, in order to resist the effects of application forces. With the effectiveness of every thermodynamic process increasing in line with temperature, there is intense interest in constantly increasing the application temperatures. Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers a complete palette of test accessories for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of high performance materials under high temperatures, in tensile, compression and bending tests.

These include:

      • High temperature furnaces with 3-zone heating in a temperature range from 300°C -1600°C
      • Electronic regulation of the temperature control via the universal material testing software LabMaster (auxiliary module SteadyRise)
      • Precise temperature measurement of the specimen surface with thermocouples
      • Expansion and deformation measurement directly on the specimen up to 1600°C, by means of contact or contactless measurement processes
      • Vacuum or inert gas application
      • Specimen clamps from heat-resistant materials

Our solutions for material testing in the high temperature range fundamentally fulfil the demanding requirements of the new DIN EN ISO 6892 part 2 “Method of testing at elevated temperature”. 

Hot tensile test on round steel specimens
Changing device for high temperature furnaces with handling device for hot tensile specimens

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