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Hydraulic aggregates
Hydraulic aggregates for hydraulic grips up to 2.500 kN
Hydraulic clamping device for material testing
Hydraulic grips 100kN and 250kN
Hydraulic grips für material testing
Single-sided hydraulic grip 400 kN
Hydraulic grips für material testing
Double-sided hydraulic grip 600 kN
Hydraulic grips für material testing
Hydraulic grip with adaption of additional tools via adapter slots
Hydraulic grips für material testing
Single-sided hydraulic grip 1200 kN

Hydraulic grips

The safe push-button grip - convenient and unbelievably strong

Fast and slide-safe tensile tests according to national and international standards, on worked and non-worked flat and round test pieces of metallic and nonmetallic materials of all tensile strengths. Suitable for sheet, plate, rod, section, strip, straight and curved wire, wire ropes, lace, cables, round and flat test pieces, round and section pipe, technical textiles, fleece, plastics, rubber, leather, compound materials, fabric, grates.

The hydraulic grips are available as synchronized versions for symmetrical gripping. Furthermore, single-sided hydraulically closing grips with manually adjustable clamping counterbearing are available for clamping both asymmetrical and symmetrical specimens.

Hydraulic aggregates are used for all hydraulic clamping tools from 20 kN to 2500 kN:

Product information Hydraulic aggregates

Tensile test on round steel specimen with hydraulic grips
Fully automated robot testing system with universal testing machine and hydraulic grips for the testing of construction steel

Safe test results: