• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
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Calibration machine 2.5 MN by Hegewald and Peschke for the calibration of load cells
Calibration machine 2500 kN

Calibration machine

Universal testing machine Inspekt 2500 kN

Force reference standard measuring machine up to 2500 kN for calibrations of reference force standards and reference transducers.

Universal testing machines from Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH can be used not only for tensile, compression and bending tests but also as calibration machines. For the use of the universal testing machines as calibration machines the extension module "Calibration" of the in-house material testing software LabMaster is available. The calibration machines can be used both for checking the force measuring device of the testing machine used with LabMaster and for checking external force measuring devices. In the second case, the machine is used as a calibration machine, whereby the internal load cell is only used to control the machine. The actual reference is an external loadcell with associated measuring amplifier.

Standard functions (with PC): 

  • Force and displacement control, strain control with optional extensometers / sensors
  • Overload protection, automatic force calibration,
  • Specimen break detector, return function, 
  • manual fine positioning of the traverse
  • Set-up operation via manual keypad

Technical data:

  • Test speed 0.002 - 250 mm/min at nominal load
  • Working area width: 1000 mm 
  • max. test stroke without test tools, adapter and load cell: 1500mm
  • max. test chamber height (between lower fixed and moving crosshead) without test tools, adapter and load cell: 1900mm
  • Dimensions: approx. 1800mm x 1100mm x 3360mm (WxDxH)

Options necessary for operation: Load cell, adapter set, clamping fixtures, PC and, if necessary, protective devices

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