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Glass testing machine for tests according to EN 1288-3
Glass bending testing machine inspekt SB 50 kN
glass testing according to DIN 614 and DIN EN 1288-3
Glass testing machine with closed safety door
glass bending testing machine
glass testing according to DIN EN 1288-3
Glass testing machines with different load levels and dimensions
Glass testing machines with different load levels and dimensions

Static puncture tests and bending tests on glass

Glass testing machine inspekt S 50 kN

The drive is implemented via a central spindle, meaning that a workspace width of 1300 mm and a workspace depth of 650 mm can be realised. Furthermore, the design of the Inspekt S 50 enables modified test space sizes for different glass sheet dimensions.

Static puncture tests on single-pane safety glass

Single-pane safety glass can withstand special loads and break down into small blunt pieces at fracture. This reduces the risk of injury considerably. 

Strength testing these types of glass can be carried out with the aid of the static puncture test per ISO 614. 

The static puncture tests are carried out on a work table that comprises two aluminum heavy-load profiles running in parallel with an offset of 570mm. In order to facilitate the assembly of the corresponding test setup, the profiles are equipped with T-grooves on the topside. Depending upon whether a static puncture test or a bending test is required, the relevant test tools can be quickly and easily mounted or exchanged on the test machine. The tool for the static puncture tests is designed for standard samples in shape A and B.

Bending tests on glass in accordance with the four-cut process

Special safety glass is often used in construction, for example in high-rise buildings. In order to guarantee high material quality here, special bending tests must be carried out beforehand. The inspekt S 50 test machine enables both 3-point and 4-point bending tests. 

Operational safety devices for safe material testing

If a glass breakage should result during material testing, this will be disposed of in an integrated catchment tray. Furthermore in order to prevent any risk to personnel, the inspekt S 50 test machine from Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH is completely encased. The protective covering on the front side of the machine comprises a double-leafed door that covers the complete test area. Electrical interlocking is also available as an option.

Simple operation and careful evaluation of the test results

The convenient front access to the test space as well as the use of additional lifting aids enable particularly simple operation of the test machine, which is equipped with tried and tested electronic controls from the inspekt table standard series.

Evaluation of the tests is carried out using the LabMaster universal material testing software.

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