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testing machine for wires, cables, chains
inspekt 600 kN with horizontal test room for the testing of wires, cables, chains

Horizontal tensile testing of cables, wires, chains, etc.

Universal testing machine inspekt H-L 600kN with horizontal test area

The universal testing machine inspekt H-L 600kN was developed as a horizontal material testing system for testing products with high strengths and measurement lengths, such as chains, cables, wires or finished products with extensive installation lengths. The horizontal universal testing machine is able to accommodate specimens with lengths of up to 6000mm with a test travel of 500mm. 
The maximum force of 600kN is applied by means of an electromotor via a central loading spindle. The insertion and removal of the test specimens is simplified due to the test space being freely accessible from the front (C shaped). Motor-driven, height-adjustable support tables increase user comfort and automatic safety door interlocking increases the safety of the test personnel. The expansion of the samples up to breaking point can be determined on a contactless basis, by means of an integrated video expansion measurement device. 
Control of the system and evaluation of the measurement results is executed by the universal material testing software LabMaster.


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