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inspekt 600kN for hot stamping of microstructures

Hot stamping of microstructures

Precision forming machine inspekt 600kN P.U.M.A.

Within the scope of a research project with the Fraunhofer Institute IWU in Chemnitz, the fundamental feasibility of a technology for the hot stamping of non-metallic materials in the high temperature range was examined. Within the framework of the results of the project, microstructures in glass were realised with silicon tools and with tools from steel, through hot stamping in the temperature range from 400 - 700°C. In realising this, it was possible to demonstrate that the microstructuring of inorganic glass is viable in conjunction with good quality and process assurance.

The demonstration system comprises a precision forming machine 600kN P.U.M.A from Hegewald & Peschke GmbH, a vacuum process chamber from Roth & Rau and the hot stamping technology including forming tools from the Fraunhofer Institute IWU. 

A prerequisite for stamping processes in the micrometre range is the highly precise, tilt-free behaviour of the crossbeams. With the inspekt P.U.M.A, a limit value of 10µm per metre with a full force of 600kN in the X and Y direction was attained. The machine is equipped with four separately driven spindles and laser positioning transducer systems. This enables even the smallest tilting movements of the stamping crossbeam to be regulated. 
The LabMaster universal testing software controls the entire stamping process. At the same time, LabMaster also takes over management of the external devices such as the vacuum chamber and process heating for the stamping tools.

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