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testing machine floor elements
inspekt S vario 30/50 kN

Testing flooring elements

Universal testing machine inspekt S Vario 30/50kN with mobile loading axle

Flooring elements and their support systems are subjected to extreme mechanical loading in the form of compressive and bending forces. In order to succeed in simulating loading conditions that are as realistic as possible, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH developed the special machine Inspekt S Vario for a leading manufacturer of flooring systems. inspekt vario is equipped with a highly accessible test space, in which complete flooring areas - including the associated support systems - can be tested with compressive and bending loads. The 30kN or 50kN force is applied by means of a central load unit driven by an electric motor. In order that the force can be applied at any point across the entire flooring area, the load unit is fastened to a lateral crossbeam, which is mobile in the X and Y directions. The mounting area (test space) is height-adjustable by means of an electric motor, in order to allow the balancing of the varying installation heights of the support systems. The bending of the flooring elements under loading can be extremely precisely determined using inductive measuring probes.
Using the block program in the LabMaster software it is possible for the user to realise a wide range of loading regimes. 

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