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testing machine for heavy current isolators
10-006-100_inspekt_600kN_für_Starkstromisolatoren.jpg inspekt 600 kN for the testing of heavy current isolators

Testing heavy current isolators

Universal testing machine inspekt SA-4S 600kN with central loading spindle

Isolators are used in a broad range of energy-related applications. They are subjected to a wide spectrum of electrical and mechanical influences under real ambient conditions during operation. Depending on the application area, a wide range of mechanical loads are applied to the isolators; be these wind loads or compressive and tensile forces on the power cable. In order to simulate vertically effective tensile and compressive loads of up to 600kN, Hegewald & Peschke GmbH developed the special testing machine inspekt SA-4S. The machine was designed in an open 4-column format with a central loading spindle. This guarantees superb accessibility of the test area from all sides. Using the testing machine, it is possible to subject isolators with installation lengths of up to 2200mm to tensile and compressive testing. In order to facilitate the ergonomic testing of isolators with low installation heights, the lower crossbeam is motor-driven and adjustable.
Using the bending test apparatus integrated into the test space, it is possible to simulate additional lateral forces (wind loads) on the isolators.

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