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testing insulation materials
inspekt 20 kN with three testing areas for the testing of insulation materials

Testing insulation materials

Universal testing machine inspekt S 20kN with three test areas

Life without thermal insulation materials is inconceivable nowadays. In addition to typical material properties, key mechanical parameters determined of insulation materials also include tensile strength, expansion and compressive resistance and deformation behaviour...

With the special testing machine developed by Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH it is possible to carry out all of these mechanical tests using one testing machine without  time-consuming modification of the clamping tools. In order to increase the specimen throughput it is possible to carry out tensile tests of up to 3kN on insulation shoulder samples in the two outer test areas simultaneously. The central test area is reserved for bending and compression testing up to 20kN. It is possible to carry out bending tests on samples with a total length of 2500mm, whilst there is no requirement to mount or remove the bending bench in order to conduct tensile tests.  

The test specifications required for standard-conform testing are generated and configured in the universal material testing software LabMaster. The test specifications can be supplemented, amended or expanded by the user. 


These include: 

-          DIN EN 826 - Determination of the compression characteristics

-          DIN EN 1605 - Determination of deformation under defined pressure and temperature loads

-          DIN EN 1606 - Determination of the long-term creep behaviour with compressive loading

-          DIN EN 1607 and DIN EN 1608 – Determination of tensile strength

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