• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
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Biaxial testing machine with horizontal and vertical test axis
Two-axes testing machine inspekt V100kN and H1kN
Testing of aircraft components with biaxial testing machine
Test room of the two-axes testing machine inspekt 100kN/1kN

Two-axis special testing machine inspekt V100kN/H1kN

Test on moments of pivot bearings under load

  • Industry: Aviation industry

Universal testing machine in special design with two test axes - one vertical and one horizontal test axis: For the determination of torques of different joints under loads up to 100kN. The vertical test axis is used for axial loading of the joint with a force up to 100kN. The horizontal test axis rotates the joint by means of a force transmission cable with a force of up to 1 kN. Test system includes also wedge grips 100kN and the material testing software LabMaster.

Vertical axis for use up to 100kN

  • test area width: 610 mm
  • maximum test stroke without tools, adaptors and load cell: 1530mm
  • maximum test room height without tools, adaptors and load cell: 1700mm
  • speed-range: testing speed 0,0001 - 1000 mm/min, 

    return speed 1000 mm/min

Horizontal test axis for use up to 1kN

  • maximum test stroke without tools, adaptors and load cell: 1000mm
  • speed range: testing speed 0,0001 - 400 mm/min,
    return speed 400 mm/min

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