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shaft testing machine
Testing machine for drive shafts

Universal shaft testing in the automotive industry

Universal testing machine inspekt S-L 250kN in horizontal configuration

Automotive universal shafts and drive trains are subject to considerable compressive and tensile mechanical loading during use.  

The testing machine developed by Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH, with a maximum compressive and tensile test force of 250kN, is used in order to simulate the static loading of these vehicle components. The testing machine is able to test parts with lengths of up to 3000mm. The horizontal configuration of the Inspekt S-L 250kN enables the ergonomic changing of the universal shafts and testing under real vehicle installation conditions.  Using the test software LabMaster, low frequency, cyclical loading and relief processes are realised with zero crossing.

This facilitates an examination of the hysteresis behaviour of the test specimen. 

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