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Micro test system for tensile and hardness testing of smallest samples and components
Universal testing machine inspekt micro S 500N
Micro testing system for the tensile and bending testing of smallest specimens and components
Micro testing machine inspekt micro S500N

Universal testing machine inspekt micro S500N

Material testing machines up to 500N

Static micro testing system with spindle drive for tensile testing, compression testing, peel testing and bending testing of micro components, as two-column testing system or testing system in C-frame construction.

Technical data:

  • Nominal force ±500N
  • Path 50mm
  • Resolution path measurement 0,005µm
  • Speed maximum 2mm/s

The test software LabMaster is available for efficient evaluation of the test results.

Fields of application

Tensile test on smallest and finest materials:

  • Finest plastic strips and foils
  • Natural fibres
  • Tissue engineered tissue
  • Electronic contacts/sockets (SMD)
  • Bonded and welded parts

Hardness test by the possibility of measuring the indentation depth and the optical evaluation of the indentation:

  • Coins
  • Extruded, injection-moulded, hot-stamped, thermally deformed plastic components, e.g. for evaluating processing characteristics
  • Metal alloys

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