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Testing the bending strength and breaking strength of cannulas
Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10kN with screw clamping tool

Breaking strength of hypodermic needles

Universal testing machine inspekt duo 10 kN

Universal testing machine Inspekt duo 10kN for the determination of the breaking and bending strength of hypodermic needles in the medical technology sector.

Syringes are used in many medical fields. They are available in a correspondingly wide variety of designs: from flexible syringes to rigid needles.

Syringes have been continuously developed over the years to ensure that patients are treated as gently as possible. In the meantime, increasingly finer syringes are being used. It is important that despite the fineness of the needle, its breaking strength is maintained. The test conditions under which this breaking strength is determined are specified in DIN EN ISO 9626.

The DIN EN ISO 9626 standard is valid for rigid cannula tubes made of stainless steel for the manufacture of medical products. Hypodermic needles of different lengths and with different inner and outer diameters are available for the various applications. Furthermore, the needles are bevelled and ground on one side. The breaking strength of hypodermic needles is determined in accordance with the standard by means of a 2-point bending test. A 3-point bending device is used to test the stiffness of the cannula tube. The bending distance is selected depending on the fineness of the needle.

A screw clamping device and pyramid jaws are used for clamping. The test is carried out and evaluated with the LabMaster test software

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