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Testing machine with shearing device
Testing machine with shearing device for the testing of brake linings
Shear test on brake pads
Test room universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN for brake shoe testing

Determination of the shear strength of brake linings

Universal testing machine Inspekt table 250 kN

  • Industry: Automotive industry

With this special version of the Inspekt table 250 kN universal testing machine, brake linings can be tested for shear strength. For this purpose, this testing machine was equipped with a shearing device, a hydraulic unit and an industrial safety door. 

The brake lining is inserted into the specially designed shearing machine with shearing blade. It is measured at which force application the adhesive bond of the brake lining breaks.

In this way, the mechanical properties of brake pad bonding can be evaluated and valuable information for quality control of current production and for research and development can be determined.

Application information shear test on brake linings

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