• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN
Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN

High temperature metal tensile testing at temperatures up to 900°C using fourtube furnaces

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN, extended

The testing machineis equipped with up to 4 tube furnaces that heat the specimen homogeneously to up to 900 °C. The furnaces are attached to roller guided carrier, which  are individually movable. A high temperature extensometer ensures reliable strainvalues. In addition, parallel closing hydraulic clamps and a fully automatic strain gauge are available for the standard tensile test. Due to the multi-furnace construction, the user can exchange the specimen in the extended furnace and preheat the new specimen while simultaneously testing in the 2nd or 3rd furnace. This can significantly reduce the required testing times. The software material testing software LabMaster is accompanied with the temperature control software Steady Rise of Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH to fulfill computer control of entire testing system.

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