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Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN with warm tensile device
Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN with warm tensile device

Metal tensile testing in accordance to DIN EN ISO 6892-2

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN for tensile testing at elevated temperatures

Theyielding strength of metallic materials at elevated temperatures is determined in accordance to  DIN EN ISO 6892-2.Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has equipped for these purposes the Inspekt 250kN universal testing machine with an extended testing chamber as well as a hinged 3-zone furnace (up to 900°C). The temperature measurement is carried out at three different sampling points. The regulation of the three furnace temperature zones is performed according to the measured specimen surface temperatures. The uniaxial material expansion is measured directly on the specimen by a high-temperature extensometer (up to 1500 °C). 
Software: Universal material testing software LabMaster from Hegewald and Peschke MPT GmbH, metal tensile test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6892-2

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