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Universal testing machine for Brinell hardness testing and tensile tests
Testing machine inspekt table 100 kN for Brinell hardness testing

Tensile test and Brinell hardness testing on screws

Universal testing machine inspekt table 100 kN

The inspekt table 100 kN is used in this application in the field of research and development on metals as a tensile testing machine for tensile tests on flat and round specimens, connection and thread specimens as well as shoulder head specimens. Compression tests and hardness tests according to Brinell can also be carried out with a manual evaluation unit. With the extended universal testing machine with temperature chamber, high-temperature tests up to 1250°C are also possible.

The testing machine has two load cells. In this way, large, heavy components as well as small components can be tested with the most accurate resolution. For higher resolution, the smaller loadcell is installed. The large load cell remains in the testing machine and thus enables a time-saving conversion.

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